This week has been exciting, stressful, nerve wrecking and delightful all in one!!

We at last received our new stock of capes in, YEAH! 
So this week, our new batch was sent out to all of you lovely customers and we waited for the comments, messages and emails to come rolling in. 

That is always the nerve wrecking part – will our customers love their capes as much as we do?

It seems the answer is YES and I am truly delighted!

I wanted to write to you all to give you some tips on how to wear your cape and what to expect over the next few weeks of wearing it out and about.

Here we go:

1. The Beautiful Harris Tweed


You are wearing a hand woven Harris Tweed product. If you don’t know what Harris Tweed is and how special it is then let me give you a quick summary.

Harris Tweed is a cloth handwoven by islanders at their homes in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland, finished in the Outer Hebrides, and made from pure virgin wool dyed and spun in the Outer Hebrides.

Harris Tweed is protected by the Harris Tweed Act 1993,[1] which strictly outlines the conditions in which the cloth can genuinely be made.

Authentic Harris Tweed is issued with the Harris Tweed Orb Mark after inspection by the Harris Tweed Authority, the industry’s governing body.

You will see each of your capes has the Orb certification

What is really important for you to know is the fact that Harris Tweed is akin to leather in the fact that it takes some time to “break it in”.

You shouldn’t expect the tweed to sit perfectly on you as soon as you take it out of the box. It will take a few wears for it to loosen up and soon it will start to mold to your body shape.

Once “broken in” – wow–what a comfortably wearing garment.

2. Should my cape sit loosely or should it be more fitted?

I made the cape so it would be loose fitting. That was my desire for it so you can layer up underneath. If you are looking for something tailored or nice and fitted I am afraid this is not the style of our capes.

Here are a few pics to show you what I mean….

Kingdom of Style blogger Michelle (below) likes to layer it up


The beautiful Joanne Salley (below)


3. What is the best way to style my cape?

This is a really good question. Personally I actually just leave my cape open most of the time when out and about and layer up with a scarf and jumper underneath.

There are few ways which I find the best to wear your cape I will go through them below with some pics from Belfast Fashion Week this year (blog post on that next week).

The Casual Look

Simply unbutton all the buttons and rock it!


​The “Funk It Up” Look

Button up all buttons – leave the collar buttons unfastened


The “Striking Collar” Look

One of my favourite ways to wear it.
Simply button up all the buttons except the collar buttons, the very top two buttons on the cape and the inside little button.


The Formal Funnel Neck Look

​If you want to escape from the cold weather you can bury your chin in our funnel neck. Simply button all the buttons up on your cape.


I hope this helps you all a little bit in showing the versatility of our capes.

Thank you as always for your continued support and you can always reach me at


Sara Hall X

by Cocoon Luxury Wear