Hi everyone!!

I thought I would write a blog post on something that it seems a lot of our customers struggle with….which cape to go for!

From the experience so far I have gathered quite a strong understanding of which colours suit and which do not.

Let’s start with our Navy Grace

Our Navy Grace is a striking multi-hued blue with black running through it. I am a blonde so I tend to wear this one quite a lot especially for more formal events such as weddings but it is very much suited to dark haired ladies.

If you’re looking for something subtle and elegant – this is a great pick.

Best for: Vivid features or skin w/ blue undertones
Dark or brown hair
Dark brown/black or Bright blue/green eyes


The fab Jilly St John rocking her Navy Grace with her stunning red lips, auburn hair and rocker chic style


A pic of me with my blonde hair in my Navy Grace.  You can see how it contrasts quite sharply.


The lovely Christina rocking her Navy Grace on the streets of London


The Sienna Mix

The Sienna Mix – a word of warning – this colour is not for people who like to blend in with the crowd. The Sienna shouts “look at me” and if you are wearing it – be prepared for some attention and to answer the question “Where is that from” many times……

The Sienna is ideally suited to lighter hair – blondes really rock it as do warmer toned reds.  It also works really well with olive or bronzed skin as it tends to enhance the ‘glow’.

I would also suggest this one for anyone lover of vintage fashion as it really has quite a vintage feel to it.

Best for: warm skin colouring or tan skin
Blondes, warm red heads, honey colours
All eye colours

Here are a few pics of some customers in their Sienna Mix….

A fabulous blonde in her Sienna Mix


A gorgeous dark haired customer rocking hers!


A fabulous vintage loving customer wearing hers in Vancouver


The Hepburn Earth

Our Hepburn is fast becoming the top selling colour with our petite version being totally out of stock already.

The colour is quite green-brown and feels like the most “country-side” tweed that we have.
There are so many colours running through this one that it makes all hair colours look fab in it.

I would say warm hair colours would suit this colour the best – think browns, deep reds, caramels.

Best for: Warm skin colouring
All brown hair, dark hair colours, bright blondes
All eye colours but even better with brown/hazel or green eyes

Have a look below at some of our beautiful customers




Last but not least…..our Birkin Dusk

The Birkin Dusk is a grey toned cape with a fab striking red stripe that runs through it. I would say this is our cape that can be dressed up with a dress underneath or worn casual to the shops – it is very versatile!

I wear this one a lot more now that at the beginning (when I was obsessed by the Sienna!)

This colour is perfect for blondes and dark hair customers – browns will also look good in this one but not as much as darker hair colourings or bright blondes.

Best for: Cool & warm skin colouring
Blondes, red heads, honey colours, dark hair
All eye colours

Here are a few customers in theirs:



I hope this has helped some of you to decide what would suit them best!
I am always here if you need any further advice on the right cape for you! My email address is sara@cocoonluxe.com

Please do remember that your cape when it arrives needs a few wears before you feel comfortable as Harris Tweed needs to loosen a little. Please have a look at my blog post on wearing your cape here http://cocoonluxe.com/blog/

Keep sending in your pics – we absolutely love seeing you all rocking your capes!!

Sara Hall xox

by Cocoon Luxury Wear