How to Style a Cape for Any Occasion

When we finally start to creep out of the cold winter and temperatures begin to rise, there are a variety of different options for spring outerwear to choose from. Instead of going for a traditional sweater, jacket, or blazer, choose something that is sure to turn heads like a gorgeous cape.

Capes are dramatic, chic, and functional and are the perfect way to polish any look. Unfortunately, styling a cape can be a bit intimidating for those who have never done it before, so we’re here to provide you with some helpful styling tips for the ultimate outfit inspiration.

Tip #1. Choose Classic Colors

How to Style a Cape for Any Occasion-i01Choosing a cape that is right for you can be a daunting task. Do you choose a bold print or solid color? What should your cape be made from to ensure it lasts? Luckily, when it comes down to it, capes are all about simplicity. Choose a classic, neutral color like camel, black, grey or chocolate brown to ensure your new investment piece will work for a variety of situations and outfits. In terms of materials, nothing can compare to darling Harris Tweed. Pair your new cape with skinny jeans or liquid leggings and a floral bag or bright shoe for a pop of color.

Pastels are incredibly elegant and popular for spring, and choosing a matching bag and shoe combination is a great way to look put together without looking too matchy-matchy.

Tip # 2. Accessories Should be Big and Bold Too!

How to Style a Cape for Any Occasion-i01If you’re planning on pairing some bold accessories with your dramatic, statement-making cape, go big or go home. Planning on wearing jewellery? Go for a bold statement necklace that pulls colors from your bag. A large, floppy hat or tote bag will do the trick, too. We’ve created the perfect look to take you from running errands to Sunday brunch using some gorgeous accessories. Which piece is your favorite?

This YSL bag and floppy hat work incredibly well together while still looking chic and fashion-forward. This gorgeous necklace tops it off with champagne-colored stones that are sure to attract all the right kinds of attention.

Tip #3. Keep the Bottom Silhouette Slim

How to Style a Cape for Any Occasion-i01The silhouette of a cape is very dramatic, creating a distinct, top-heavy look. Because of this, you’ll want to balance it out and keep your natural silhouette showing by keeping the bottom slim and defined. Consider wearing your favorite pair of luxe leggings, skinny jeans, or straight-fit pants. A form-fitting dress or pencil skirt would also look stunning. Here are a couple examples to keep you on the right track.

A cape can make anything look chic, from a classic trouser to bold pencil skirt.

Tip #4. Choose a Cape that Fits Your Personality

How to Style a Cape for Any Occasion-i01The beautiful thing about capes is they are incredibly diverse. Choose a cape that fits your personal style and personality. Whether that means choosing a cape with a collar for an instant taste of vintage, or finding a bold pattern or pop of color if neutrals aren’t your thing for day-to-day wear. You can also find cape coats, cape blazers, and more so you don’t have to sacrifice wearing a cape any time of day.

How fabulous would that camel-colored cape look with a red lip and pin curls? We also love the bold square pattern featuring a sophisticated and fresh palette for spring.

Tip #5. Belt Your Cape

How to Style a Cape for Any Occasion-i01To make your cape look like it’s part of the bigger picture and not just a piece of outerwear, add a belt! A simple belt can show the amount of thought and effort put into your outfit of the day and let people know your cape is far more than just a jacket or something to keep you warm on cool, spring days.

Who knew a simple belt could completely change the look and feeling of a cape?

Tip #6. Take Full Advantage of the ‘Classic’ Look

How to Style a Cape for Any Occasion-i01When it comes to achieving a classic look, it doesn’t have to end with a cape! Add other classic pieces, like a chambray shirt, denim and flats for a polished, yet casual look that will become your new favorite for dress-down Fridays, walking the dog, or coffee with your girlfriends.

We love the layering happening with the striped shirt and collared blouse and the red ballet flats add a much-needed pop of color.

Well, there you have it. Our insider secrets for styling a cape for any occasion; whether you’re heading to work, executing an event, running errands or heading to brunch – capes are the perfect investment piece to add to your wardrobe for extra versatility. Which look could you see yourself wearing? What tips will be most helpful to you? Let us know and thank you for reading and shopping Cocoon Luxe.

Celebs Who Have Rocked Capes

Some of our favorite fashion heroes are taking capes to a whole new level. Whether they’re rocking them in some off-duty street style snaps, or to exclusive Hollywood events, we’ve captured some of our favorite looks featuring capes and some of our favorite iconic celebrities. Check them out below.

Celebs Who Have Rocked Capes-img01
Kerry Washington
When she’s not playing Olivia Pope on our current TV addiction Scandal, she can be seen donning a cape in true hero status. We love this clean white cape which elongates her body and complements her stature. The white cape with white bag is fresh and the perfect look for spring.

Celebs Who Have Rocked Capes-img01
This plaid, collared cape looks dashing on Adele who always looks effortlessly put together in the most casual way. We love that capes look flattering on a variety of body types which makes them a staple everyone should have in their wardrobe.

Celebs Who Have Rocked Capes-img01
Pippa Middleton
This camel cape coat looks gorgeous on Pippa Middleton. The added belt accentuates her waist showing off her petite figure and is the perfect length to wear over a dress or leggings.

Celebs Who Have Rocked Capes-img01
Julianne Moore
Julianne Moore is proving that capes look just as glamorous on the red carpet as they do off. This gorgeous ensemble makes Julianne look long, lean and powerful and is an ode to the versatility of this style.

Celebs Who Have Rocked Capes-img01Celebs Who Have Rocked Capes-img01Celebs Who Have Rocked Capes-img01

Blake Lively
Blake Lively has a collection of bold capes in her wardrobe, from Aztec prints to chic cheetah print, The Gossip Girl goddess shows us why she’s a style icon. Whether she’s sporting capes as she runs errands in NYC or to keep warm while showing off her growing baby bump, one thing is certain – she looks completely chic and cozy while doing it.

Celebs Who Have Rocked Capes-img01
Victoria Beckham
Known for her sense of style, Victoria Beckham loves a great trench-inspired cape. The cut shows off her legs and waist perfectly while the pockets add an extra eye-catching detail.

Celebs Who Have Rocked Capes-img01
Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift is totally crushing on capes right now – can we blame her? We love this plaid cape she sports when the New York days get chilly. Looks like capes are her newest (and hopefully longest lasting) love affair.

Celebs Who Have Rocked Capes-img01
Karlie Kloss
Karlie Kloss looks even more flawless in her down time than when she’s walking the runways of the world’s fashion capitals. Paired with liquid leggings, Karlie Kloss looks sophisticated in her oversized cape as she fields what we can only assume are high-priority business calls.

Celebs Who Have Rocked Capes-img01
Emma Watson
We love everything Emma Watson stands for. Whether she’s advocating for women’s rights, graduating from Brown, or running a book club, this classic beauty has us watching in ‘awe’ and admiration. This cozy cape looks comfortable and casual paired with knee-high boots and black skinny jeans for an all-black ensemble.

Celebrities have completely embraced the cape – from red carpets to brunches, bold prints to solids, tall models to petite ambassadors – we are excited to see how the cape evolves over time. In the meantime, visit Cocoon Luxury Wear to view our current collection of luxury tweed capes and let us know which celebrities you think wore this look best.

5 Fashion Fabrics Every Woman Needs

When it comes down to choosing investment pieces and wardrobe staples for your closet, take into consideration the popular fabrics every woman should own. If you’re already well-stocked in polyester and rayon, consider investing in pieces made from some of our other favorite fabrics.


5 Fashion Fabrics Every Woman Needs-img01

Most tweeds are made entirely of wool, but an increasing number consists of blends of wool and cotton or even rayon. Made by a variation of the basic twill weave, some popular modifications include herringbones, diamonds, chevrons, cross twills and checks, with a more extensive variety including stripe, marl, fleck and mingled heather effects in a variety of tones. While most tweeds are color-woven from dyed yarns, some are piece-dyed.

Today, tweeds are incredibly popular in blazers, trousers and jackets, and Harris Tweed is the main fabric used in our luxury capes. The great thing about tweed is it’s biodegradable, hypoallergenic, and will keep you warm even if it gets wet.


5 Fashion Fabrics Every Woman Needs-img01

Silk is known for its plush, luxurious feeling and appearance. Made of a natural fiber that comes from the larvae of the mulberry silkworm, silk fibers have a prism-like structure which causes them to refract light and create a rainbow-like sheen. Silk is incredibly soft to wear and is flattering on any body type. Silk is of course popular in sheets, lingerie, pajamas, and robes.


5 Fashion Fabrics Every Woman Needs-img01

During the Roman Empire, leather was used in the sails on boats, in household furniture, tents, weapons and body armour and became a popular fashion worn by women 1000 years later in Egypt. The sales of leather represent a larger value than the sale of rubber, cotton, coffee, tea, rice and sugar combined. To say leather is a popular and incredibly versatile fabric would be an understatement, with some of our favorite uses being in footwear, leather jackets, and handbags.


5 Fashion Fabrics Every Woman Needs-img01

When it comes down to finding a cool, light fabric for a hot summer’s day, nothing will beat linen. Not only is linen lightweight that breathes well in hot weather, it’s also glamourous, effortless and casual while still making you look put together. Used by ancient Egyptians to wrap mummies, linen’s history is extensive. Like flax seeds, linen is a natural fiber that comes from the flax plant. Unfortunately, linen is known for wrinkling. If you’re packing anything linen for a getaway, be sure to pack it last minute for best results and unpack it as soon as you can. Linen jackets and pants are incredibly popular.


5 Fashion Fabrics Every Woman Needs-img01

There’s a reason cotton is said to be ‘the fabric of our lives.’ Cotton products are everywhere. While cotton is most known for being casual, it can also be dressed up. Most basics (camis, tees, underwear, and socks) are made up of cotton. Cotton is such a strong plant, it can travel thousands of miles by wind which is why it’s evolved in a variety of cultures. Something you probably didn’t know? Denim is made out of cotton. That means your skinny jeans, jean jackets, or denim vests are all made up of cotton, making it one of the most popular fabrics worldwide.

Which of these five must-have fabrics do you already have stocked in your armoire? Which will you pick up next? Let us know with a comment below.

The Sienna Hits The Cotswolds!

Back in December we traveled to the ever beautiful Cotswolds to visit family for a long weekend.

While we were there we were able to pop into our brand new stockist, The Cotswold Tweed Company in the stunning Stow-on-the-Wood. Sally Knight heads up this really special store selling tweed country couture. Bringing together an exclusive selection of bespoke tweed and clothing, headwear and home accessories.

We were really impressed with everything and so delighted to be working with such a special boutique. 

If you are in the area please pop in and say hi: St Edwards Lodge, Stow Square, GL54 1AB Stow on the Wold or you can reach Sally on 01451 833509

Also, you can check out their facebook page here:

​(Left to Right – Sally Knight, The Cotswold Tweed Co, Owner & I with our display of kids capes in store.)

​(Our kids capes on display on the window with our ladies capes in the background.)


Burford and Barkers!

Next up we hit Burford and the delightful Lambs Inn for lunch by a cosey fire, a wonderful experience and highly recommended.

​(Having a stroll around Burford)

​​(My insanely beautiful Barkers)

I have been looking for the perfect boot to wear with my capes and along came

Robinson’s Shoemakers, a local prestigious shoe company in Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland.

I have always been a fan of the Barker brand and the boots I have are the Barker Sabrina

They can be bought online or in the store.

Here’s their facebook page

Here’s their twitter page @Robinsonsshoes


Last stop – Upper Slaughter (The Lord of The Manor)

Last but certainly not least I treated the birthday boy, David (Mr Cocoon Luxe) to a stay at The Lord of the Manor in Upper Slaughter. We had the most amazing breakfast and outstanding dinner and we are really hoping to come back and visit in the coming months!!

Here are a few pics of our stay…




Autumn/Winter 2016/17

I am currently hard at work designing our A/W2016/17 collection so expect to hear a lot more from me in the coming months!!

I am excited to show you all what is in the pipe works!!

I will leave you with a little personal photo of me and my (not so little anymore) girl.
She is growing up so fast and I am so thrilled that she is now wears “Mummy’s capes!”


Sara Hall xox

But which one to pick??

Hi everyone!!

I thought I would write a blog post on something that it seems a lot of our customers struggle with….which cape to go for!

From the experience so far I have gathered quite a strong understanding of which colours suit and which do not.

Let’s start with our Navy Grace

Our Navy Grace is a striking multi-hued blue with black running through it. I am a blonde so I tend to wear this one quite a lot especially for more formal events such as weddings but it is very much suited to dark haired ladies.

If you’re looking for something subtle and elegant – this is a great pick.

Best for: Vivid features or skin w/ blue undertones
Dark or brown hair
Dark brown/black or Bright blue/green eyes


The fab Jilly St John rocking her Navy Grace with her stunning red lips, auburn hair and rocker chic style


A pic of me with my blonde hair in my Navy Grace.  You can see how it contrasts quite sharply.


The lovely Christina rocking her Navy Grace on the streets of London


The Sienna Mix

The Sienna Mix – a word of warning – this colour is not for people who like to blend in with the crowd. The Sienna shouts “look at me” and if you are wearing it – be prepared for some attention and to answer the question “Where is that from” many times……

The Sienna is ideally suited to lighter hair – blondes really rock it as do warmer toned reds.  It also works really well with olive or bronzed skin as it tends to enhance the ‘glow’.

I would also suggest this one for anyone lover of vintage fashion as it really has quite a vintage feel to it.

Best for: warm skin colouring or tan skin
Blondes, warm red heads, honey colours
All eye colours

Here are a few pics of some customers in their Sienna Mix….

A fabulous blonde in her Sienna Mix


A gorgeous dark haired customer rocking hers!


A fabulous vintage loving customer wearing hers in Vancouver


The Hepburn Earth

Our Hepburn is fast becoming the top selling colour with our petite version being totally out of stock already.

The colour is quite green-brown and feels like the most “country-side” tweed that we have.
There are so many colours running through this one that it makes all hair colours look fab in it.

I would say warm hair colours would suit this colour the best – think browns, deep reds, caramels.

Best for: Warm skin colouring
All brown hair, dark hair colours, bright blondes
All eye colours but even better with brown/hazel or green eyes

Have a look below at some of our beautiful customers




Last but not least…..our Birkin Dusk

The Birkin Dusk is a grey toned cape with a fab striking red stripe that runs through it. I would say this is our cape that can be dressed up with a dress underneath or worn casual to the shops – it is very versatile!

I wear this one a lot more now that at the beginning (when I was obsessed by the Sienna!)

This colour is perfect for blondes and dark hair customers – browns will also look good in this one but not as much as darker hair colourings or bright blondes.

Best for: Cool & warm skin colouring
Blondes, red heads, honey colours, dark hair
All eye colours

Here are a few customers in theirs:



I hope this has helped some of you to decide what would suit them best!
I am always here if you need any further advice on the right cape for you! My email address is

Please do remember that your cape when it arrives needs a few wears before you feel comfortable as Harris Tweed needs to loosen a little. Please have a look at my blog post on wearing your cape here

Keep sending in your pics – we absolutely love seeing you all rocking your capes!!

Sara Hall xox

How to wear your cape!

This week has been exciting, stressful, nerve wrecking and delightful all in one!!

We at last received our new stock of capes in, YEAH! 
So this week, our new batch was sent out to all of you lovely customers and we waited for the comments, messages and emails to come rolling in. 

That is always the nerve wrecking part – will our customers love their capes as much as we do?

It seems the answer is YES and I am truly delighted!

I wanted to write to you all to give you some tips on how to wear your cape and what to expect over the next few weeks of wearing it out and about.

Here we go:

1. The Beautiful Harris Tweed


You are wearing a hand woven Harris Tweed product. If you don’t know what Harris Tweed is and how special it is then let me give you a quick summary.

Harris Tweed is a cloth handwoven by islanders at their homes in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland, finished in the Outer Hebrides, and made from pure virgin wool dyed and spun in the Outer Hebrides.

Harris Tweed is protected by the Harris Tweed Act 1993,[1] which strictly outlines the conditions in which the cloth can genuinely be made.

Authentic Harris Tweed is issued with the Harris Tweed Orb Mark after inspection by the Harris Tweed Authority, the industry’s governing body.

You will see each of your capes has the Orb certification

What is really important for you to know is the fact that Harris Tweed is akin to leather in the fact that it takes some time to “break it in”.

You shouldn’t expect the tweed to sit perfectly on you as soon as you take it out of the box. It will take a few wears for it to loosen up and soon it will start to mold to your body shape.

Once “broken in” – wow–what a comfortably wearing garment.

2. Should my cape sit loosely or should it be more fitted?

I made the cape so it would be loose fitting. That was my desire for it so you can layer up underneath. If you are looking for something tailored or nice and fitted I am afraid this is not the style of our capes.

Here are a few pics to show you what I mean….

Kingdom of Style blogger Michelle (below) likes to layer it up


The beautiful Joanne Salley (below)


3. What is the best way to style my cape?

This is a really good question. Personally I actually just leave my cape open most of the time when out and about and layer up with a scarf and jumper underneath.

There are few ways which I find the best to wear your cape I will go through them below with some pics from Belfast Fashion Week this year (blog post on that next week).

The Casual Look

Simply unbutton all the buttons and rock it!


​The “Funk It Up” Look

Button up all buttons – leave the collar buttons unfastened


The “Striking Collar” Look

One of my favourite ways to wear it.
Simply button up all the buttons except the collar buttons, the very top two buttons on the cape and the inside little button.


The Formal Funnel Neck Look

​If you want to escape from the cold weather you can bury your chin in our funnel neck. Simply button all the buttons up on your cape.


I hope this helps you all a little bit in showing the versatility of our capes.

Thank you as always for your continued support and you can always reach me at


Sara Hall X


Hi everyone,

My apologies for taking so long to write a new blog post – things on this end have been rather busy!!

Lots has happened since I last posted so I wanted to give you all some updates on how everything is going and where your capes are in our production! 

Get a cuppa, we have a lot of news for you!

Firstly – the question on everyone’s lips… Where is my cape??


Well, things are going well in our production – unfortunately due to some transport issues from the Isle of Harris and a slight delay in our Sienna mix tweed being woven for us things are running a little behind schedule.

We had hoped to have everything shipped out to our customers mid October but it is now looking like the end of October but trust me we are working so hard to get them to you as soon as possible. Just hold on for another couple of weeks!!

It is getting cold out there!

So, I am very excited to tell you all that our next batch of capes that are due to head out to you lovely customers have pockets!!!

Yeah to the extra warmth over Autumn and Winter!


Belfast Fashion Week A/W 2015/16


Click here for the Show Schedule

We are thrilled to be a part of the ever successful West Coast Cooler Belfast Fashion Week this month.
Our capes will appear on the catwalk on Thursday 15th October featuring our collared & hooded capes with pockets. We are also hoping to showcase a few of our kids line…keep an eye out for some pictures in the coming weeks.

If you are in Belfast or the surrounding areas and would like to come along you can buy your ticket here

Our Brand New Hooded Cape
Have you heard we are releasing hooded capes with pockets?! If not you heard it here first…
After some feedback from our customers we decided that coming into the winter months we would need a nice snug hooded version. Of course, these too will have pockets.
We will have these capes on our website in the coming week for you to snap up! Keep an eye out on our Facebook page for that announcement.

Next Year’s Line

I am already working on thoughts for what to add to next year’s Cocoon line.
Here is what I am working on right now…. a cashmere mix cape in both camel and ink…..

Calling All Celebrities….

These beautiful Mother and daughter monogrammed capes are on route to a very well known lady and her lovely daughter….can you guess who they are?

cocoonluxe-bp-07  cocoonluxe-bp-06

The Happy Moments

I would like to leave you all for this post with some pictures of a wonderful family photo shoot.

I received an order for our kids Sienna Mix a few months ago from a lovely customer, Alexander from Russia.

Alexander told us he had a jacket made from the very same Harris Tweed and wanted one for his daughter.

Yesterday, I received these photographs and they just make me smile from ear to ear!

Thank you Alexander for sharing these!

You can buy your kids cape (fits age 1 – 4) here:



Bye for now – I will write to you all very soon!

Thanks as always for all your continued support.


Sara Hall xo

A Labour Of Love

Hi Cocooners!

Wow, what a few weeks it has been. It is finally all coming together and what was once a sketch is a real piece of luxury clothing.

First up, we decided to change our Hepburn Earth colour slightly as the original sketch showed a brown more than a green/brown herringbone that the true to life material is.

If you haven’t already seen it then have a look below for our Hepburn Earth….


Last week, we also launched our brand new colour of Harris Tweed, “The Birkin Dusk”, which has been going down a storm.


A grey tweed with a blue and red over check…..oh so pretty!

If you would like to know where to get the stunning boots in both sketches then trot on over to our friends Fairfax & Favor (

Now for some updates on where your cape is in our design process!!


I am delighted to tell you we are so very near to perfecting our capes….

Today we took the final measurements so I can now offically let you all know the following measurements….

The length of our cape (from the centre of the neck down, not including collar will be 74cms .

Bust size fitting up to 46 inches.

The width along the bottom of the cape is 180cms.

The next step for us is to perfect the collar this week so it is the perfect height and not too tight to the face.
Then we find our perfect colour of lining and we are nearly there……next up is our packaging and trust me this will not disappoint!

One final bit of good news for all you ladies out there who like to have a bit of variety in how you wear your clothes.

Today whilst we were putting the final touches on our cape we discovered another ultra-cool way of styling it.

Not only can you wear the collar up for cold weather, down for a more casual look BUT you can also undo the top button and little button inside to have a stunning open look that you can style with your favourite scarf….

I am off back to work on your capes and I hope you all have an amazing rest of your week.

I leave you with a sneak look at our beautiful Navy Grace Harris Tweed Cape.


As always I am here if you need to ask any more questions


This Week At Cocoon…

Hey Cocoon followers! This week has been a busy one!

We have moved our website to saying goodbye to our Cocoon Babywear name and welcoming our new name Cocoon Luxury Wear (although you can just call us Cocoon ;))

This week we held a competition to win a ladies Harris Tweed cape, which was a roaring success with nearly 1000 entries. The competition asked our followers to share the cape they liked the most and comment on why they like it.

The lucky winner was Zoe Elizabeth who wrote this lovely description of our capes….


Congratulations also to our 9 runners up who received a 20 pounds off voucher towards the purchase of a cape. Check out their lovely comments below…

As for the progression of you cape, well, we are on our third sample and things are starting to look great. I want to make sure the length of the cape is just right and the collar has a nice drop to it so we are working on that right now.

By next weeks blog, I should be able to give you all final measurements.

Packaging is being worked on right now and you really will not be disappointed when it comes to what we have in store.
Don’t expect anything but the best of the best from Cocoon 🙂 Here is a sneak pic of what we are working on…


I wanted to give you all a close up view of our Harris Tweed styles. I will have a close up of our Hepburn Earth by next weeks post but for now here are the other three……

Our Highland Tartan

Our Sienna Mix

Our Navy Grace

Each cape comes with a Harris Tweed label and a Harris Tweed hang tag to reassure you this is the real thing!!

Yesterday, we posted this on our Facebook page….

“I would love a little (insert HERE something you use often) in Harris Tweed!”

We received many comments and ideas from Tweed nappy bags to purses and makeup bags so we are working on releasing a little something for this coming Autumn…keep tuned!

That’s everything for now, as always thank you so much for your continued support we would not be here without it!

If you have any questions at any point don’t be afraid to contact me at


The Story….So Far……

Welcome to my very first blog post for Cocoon Luxury Wear!

I thought I would take this opportunity to let you know a bit more about how the company came about and why…..

First off…meet me…Sara Hall, Cocoon Luxury Wear Founder. I am a 33 (too close to being 34) year old, mummy of a beautiful little two and half year old, Arianna, and the wife to a rather amazing man, David.

Our Wedding, June 2013

Cocoon came about after I bought my daughter a woolen cape which we could easily put on if we were running out the door.

Soon Arianna grew out of the cape and I tried to find one similar online and in as many shops as I could, but nothing was out there.
So began the story of Cocoon Baby Wear.

In February, this year, I launched my first ever line based on a small collection of one-off capes for kids.

These capes were made from stunning ex-designer material from Paris & Milan fashion houses and were made to fit from 1 – 4.5 year olds.
In 2 weeks, through Facebook alone, the capes were a sell out.


Soon after, I started receiving floods of emails and messages asking if I could make a ladies cape.

Cocoon’s aim is to constantly grow with its customers needs, so, soon after we began our re-branding to Cocoon Luxury Wear and work on our next line for Autumn/Winter 2015/2016 – The Harris Tweed Ladies Cape & matching Harris Tweed kids Capes.


At the moment due to popular demand we have ordered more Harris Tweed and are hoping to get all those bought to date, delivered by August.

In the coming weeks, my blogs will go into more detail on each style of Harris Tweed we used, give you more info on why Harris Tweed is so special and more detailed measurements and close up pics of the materials.

Until then, Happy Cocooning and thank you all so much for your invaluable support!