When it comes down to choosing investment pieces and wardrobe staples for your closet, take into consideration the popular fabrics every woman should own. If you’re already well-stocked in polyester and rayon, consider investing in pieces made from some of our other favorite fabrics.


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Most tweeds are made entirely of wool, but an increasing number consists of blends of wool and cotton or even rayon. Made by a variation of the basic twill weave, some popular modifications include herringbones, diamonds, chevrons, cross twills and checks, with a more extensive variety including stripe, marl, fleck and mingled heather effects in a variety of tones. While most tweeds are color-woven from dyed yarns, some are piece-dyed.

Today, tweeds are incredibly popular in blazers, trousers and jackets, and Harris Tweed is the main fabric used in our luxury capes. The great thing about tweed is it’s biodegradable, hypoallergenic, and will keep you warm even if it gets wet.


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Silk is known for its plush, luxurious feeling and appearance. Made of a natural fiber that comes from the larvae of the mulberry silkworm, silk fibers have a prism-like structure which causes them to refract light and create a rainbow-like sheen. Silk is incredibly soft to wear and is flattering on any body type. Silk is of course popular in sheets, lingerie, pajamas, and robes.


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During the Roman Empire, leather was used in the sails on boats, in household furniture, tents, weapons and body armour and became a popular fashion worn by women 1000 years later in Egypt. The sales of leather represent a larger value than the sale of rubber, cotton, coffee, tea, rice and sugar combined. To say leather is a popular and incredibly versatile fabric would be an understatement, with some of our favorite uses being in footwear, leather jackets, and handbags.


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When it comes down to finding a cool, light fabric for a hot summer’s day, nothing will beat linen. Not only is linen lightweight that breathes well in hot weather, it’s also glamourous, effortless and casual while still making you look put together. Used by ancient Egyptians to wrap mummies, linen’s history is extensive. Like flax seeds, linen is a natural fiber that comes from the flax plant. Unfortunately, linen is known for wrinkling. If you’re packing anything linen for a getaway, be sure to pack it last minute for best results and unpack it as soon as you can. Linen jackets and pants are incredibly popular.


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There’s a reason cotton is said to be ‘the fabric of our lives.’ Cotton products are everywhere. While cotton is most known for being casual, it can also be dressed up. Most basics (camis, tees, underwear, and socks) are made up of cotton. Cotton is such a strong plant, it can travel thousands of miles by wind which is why it’s evolved in a variety of cultures. Something you probably didn’t know? Denim is made out of cotton. That means your skinny jeans, jean jackets, or denim vests are all made up of cotton, making it one of the most popular fabrics worldwide.

Which of these five must-have fabrics do you already have stocked in your armoire? Which will you pick up next? Let us know with a comment below.

by Cocoon Luxury Wear